Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel The ServiceMonster Cleaning Symposium. All ticket purchases and exhibitor fees have been refunded. If you have any questions, please email marketing@servicemonster.net. Thank you for your understanding and we will see you soon!

December 10th - 12th, 2020

Accelerate your business growth
& get ready to dominate in 2021!

Here’s what you’ll learn during the 3-day SMCS 2020:
1. How to build a business that can withstand any future crisis.
2. How to accelerate your business growth to get to the next level of profitability.
3. How to build your business around repeat rate & recurring revenue.
4. How to utilize business software for maximum revenue and long-term scalability.
& so much more!

The Speakers

We have quite the line-up of speakers at this year's event! All lectures and panels will be streamed LIVE.
Brandon Vaughn
Brandon Vaughn
Topic: "The MAP to a Million"
Brandon has scaled his own cleaning business from 0 to 70 employees in less than 6 years, has won the SBA Small Business Person of the Year award, and is the founder and Chief Strategist at CONQUER - a company that provides ready-to-implement systems and personalized one-on-one and group coaching for other service businesses.
Bobby Walker
Journey of a New Entrepreneur
Bobby Walker
Topic: "It's The Little Things..."
Bobby started a window cleaning business out of desperation after losing his corporate job. Two years later his business is thriving and he's in love with the business/entrepreneur world. He is passionate about helping others that are new to starting their business.
Michelle Myers
Pink Callers
Michelle Myers
Topic: "How to become 'that guy' in your community!"
Michelle is the founder and CEO of Pink Callers, an administrative support solution that assigns customer service rockstars to support home service businesses remotely.
Joe Kowalski
Joe Kowalski
Topic: Keynote Address
Joe is the CEO and co-founder of ServiceMonster, a CRM software solution for cleaning businesses.
Ryan Kettering
Prolific Prints
Ryan Kettering
Topic: "How to become the clear choice in your market"
Ryan is a former carpet cleaning business owner and the current owner of GetProlific.com.
Joshua Latimer
Automate Grow Sell & SendJim
Joshua Latimer
Topic: "The 3 Things You Must Have To Get Unstuck And Earn The Money You Know You Deserve"
Joshua started his journey as a pizza delivery driver living in a trailer park. Since then he has built multiple 7-figure businesses and sold 3 of them. He is the founder of SendJim and Automate Grow Sell
Carrie Knight
The Cleaning Boss
Carrie Knight
Topic: "The ONLY 3 Ways To Grow Your Business!
Carrie Knight started her cleaning company at the beginning of the 2008 housing crisis. Today her business does over $1.5m in revenue and is still growing. Since then, Carrie has gone on to create a consulting business where she’s helped hundreds of cleaning business owners double the size of their business. If you’re ready to learn a NEW WAY to grow your company, knock out your local competition and 2x the size of your business, then you don’t want to miss this opportunity to work with Carrie.
Perry Tait
Reach-iT Poles
Perry Tait
Perry started his first business at 25 years age, buying a SAFEGUARD accounting system franchise. 30 years, and several businesses later, a common theme of every business that Perry enjoyed - it is EFFICIENCY - helping people do work BETTER, or FASTER.
Bruce DeLoatch
The Cleaner's Coach
Bruce DeLoatch
Topic: "Understanding Your People Puzzles..."
Bruce is an inspiring communicator who connects with people in a fun and engaging manner. 25 years ago, Bruce started in the industry as a carpet cleaner. Now he is technical trainer, business coach and well-respected consultant.
Jim Pearson
AmeriClean & Mold Inspection Services, Inc.
Jim Pearson
Topic: "Taking Your Company Into the Future!"
Mr. Pearson is a Certified Mechanical Hygienist and the President and C.E.O. of Mold Inspection Services, Inc. Along with his Grandson, Dakota, he is also the co-owner and founder of AmeriClean, a full-service disaster restoration company.
Jeremy Reets
Reets Drying Academy
Jeremy Reets
Topic: "Level Up Your Water Damage Mitigation Estimating Game"
Jeremy has been in water restoration since 1990 and has operated Reets Drying Academy since 2005. Jeremy is the innovator behind ETES, Evaporation Potential and introduced vapor pressure differentials to the drying industry.
Steve Toburen
Strategies For Success,
Steve Toburen
Topic: "Ten SFS 'Core Principles' to Transform your Business! (And your life!)"
Steve spent over 20 years 'down in the trenches' building his cleaning and restoration company to the point of successfully selling it. He is an internationally recognized expert on small service businesses, a widely published author, and a popular instructor. Since 1996 Steve has been the Director of Training for Jon-Don’s Strategies for Success (SFS) program.
Shawn Bisaillon
The Carpet Cleaning Coach
Shawn Bisaillon
Topic: "From floors to fabrics and beyond...."
Shawn is an industry cleaning specialist with 30 years experience. He started as an apprentice cleaner and has worked in, on, and around most every facet of the cleaning world!
Mark Saiger
Saiger's Steam Clean
Mark Saiger
Topic: "Passing the torch and keeping the light bright. Do you have an exit plan?"
Mark is a 3rd generation cleaner. His family is now entering their 55th year as cleaners. A former Music Teacher, Professional Musician, Mark has built his carpet cleaning business in the Northern Cold Climates of Minnesota.
Courtney Lee
Truman Steemers Carpet Cleaning
Courtney Lee
Topic: "Customer Service"
Started cleaning for other companies at the age of 19 and decided to start my own business Truman Steemers at the age of 28. After 5 years I decided it was time to make some changes to better my business model and I started focusing on building my brand instead of chasing every dollar that was thrown my way and looking back after another 5 years the change was well worth it and now I'm teaching and guiding others not to make the same mistakes I made.
Dan Platta
Blue Skies Services
Dan Platta
Topic: "The 3 Most Common Financial Mistakes; Don't Learn Them the Hard Way!"
Dan is the CEO of Blue Skies Services, a unicorn in the home service industry. Blue Skies operates cleaning companies in 4 different locations, as well as an Admin Service company that can help your business with recruiting, bookkeeping, and marketing.
Mason Tomaino
Consultant & Mason's Network Founder
Mason Tomaino
Topic: "Increasing Sales by Building Lasting Relationships!"
With 30 years experience, Mason has become one of the most well known faces in the Industry. The man behind Mason’s Network, will show you how to make lasting connections with both your clients and your employees. He started two companies in the carpet cleaning and transportation industries. He has worked all aspects of the cleaning and restoration world. Mason is an IICRC Master Textile Cleaner.
Brandon Maye
Motivational Speaker & Author
Brandon Maye
Topic: "In the Midst of A Storm"
Brandon Maye is a popular motivational speaker, best selling author, and swiftly rising entrepreneur. Brandon is taking the national public speaking circuit by storm, delivering energetic and heartfelt messages of hope, perseverance, and determination. His words impact and resonate through each audience and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.
Paul Lucas
Paul Lucas
Topic: "TBD"
Bio coming soon! Check back for more details.
Toby Clem
Implement Business Solutions
Toby Clem
Topic: "Making your CRM (and other systems) work for you"
I am a business owner with over 15 years in the corporate sector. I held many sales and operations management positions at UPS Freight before starting my entrepreneurship journey almost 5 years ago.

The Panels

The Symposium will feature four panel discussions relating to the topics listed here:

Panel #1: Cleaning During A Pandemic

The COVID panel’s goal will be to educate and inform cleaners about the concerns, opportunities, and pitfalls that a business should be thinking about during the pandemic.

The Panelists:

Michael Hinderliter

+ Others coming soon!

Panel #2: Social Media Marketing

While social media is over a decade old, many service business owners are still confused and skeptical of using social media to attract leads and communicate with clients. Many who attempt to leverage platforms like Facebook and Instagram are simply creating stock ads. This panel will be dedicated to offering advice and examples of campaigns that work.

Panel #3: Operations

Over 50% of the industry is still identified as single owner operators or Mom and Pop shops. This panel will address some of the growth hacks focused on the internal operations and procedures within the business to help build company culture and ensure accountability needed for growth.

Panel #4: Building Your Business Is an Inside Job

Eric Sprague and Larry Wilberton from MorningTechMeeting.com will run a panel with Bill Yeadon, Dan Udy, and Bruce DeLoatch where the panel discusses why working on yourself is the only path to building a great business.

The Panelists:

Eric Sprague

Larry Wilberton

Bill Yeadon

Bruce DeLoatch

What will the Symposium look like?

Virtual - but still together.

While this year's event will be entirely online, we aren't giving up on creating a social atmosphere. The event platform will enable all attendees, speakers, and exhibitors to interact through posts within the platform itself, as well as direct messages & group chats.

Social interaction - in real-time.

In addition to the real-time social networking abilities, live coaching rooms will be available during most Symposium hours. These virtual rooms will provide a space for anyone to receive business guidance from coaches and even fellow business owners. The goal of these rooms is to provide a place for open and honest business-centered conversation.

Pick from 24 lectures/panels - all streamed live.

Each day will feature 8 lectures/panels that will be streamed LIVE. No pre-recorded content is allowed!

Watch any session from any device with the Attendify mobile app.

The Profits: 51% to The Children's Heart Foundation

This symposium is not a money-grab for us. Instead, we've decided to donate 51% of all profits* from this event to The Children's Heart Foundation, the country's leading organization solely dedicated to funding congenital heart defect (CHD) research. This is a cause near and dear to the ServiceMonster family, and we're honored to have the opportunity to contribute to their funding. For more information on The Children's Heart Foundation, go to the link below.
Learn More Here
* The remaining 49% of profits will go towards next year's event.

The Schedule

The schedule outlines five main room types:

Lecture rooms, exhibitor booths, coaching rooms, social rooms, and the main stage.

- Lecture rooms (white time slots) are for speakers and discussion panels.
- Coaching rooms will contain a room moderator (coach) and will facilitate public professional conversations focused on helping one business at a time.
- Social rooms will contain no vendor or marketing promotions and will provide access to conversation areas during and after the show.
- The main stage will host the keynote, a ServiceMonster webinar, and closing ceremonies.
- Exhibitor booths will be hosted by each exhibitor.

While exact times and layout are subject to change, the event will run from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM PST on Thursday, December 10th and Friday, December 11th. Both of those days will conclude with an after-hours virtual hangout from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM PST.

The final day of the Symposium will be on Saturday, December 12th and will run from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM PST.

The Exhibitors

The all-in-one software platform built to help you run a stronger, more efficient, and scalable cleaning business.


Focus on delivering great services, not on answering phones. Our call answering and job scheduling services gives your business a professional and reliable team that is trained to answer your calls and book more jobs to fill your schedule.

Customer Lobby makes it effortless for you to engage with your customers. They’ll help you drive more repeat business and grow revenue with targeted direct mail, text messages, and emails. Create communications and view results in just a few clicks.

Stop by Customer Lobby's virtual booth for a chance to win a YETI cooler ($299 value).

Hatch is a messaging platform that connects cleaning businesses with their leads over text, email, and phone. From one collaborative workspace, sales teams can instantly message new leads, nurture them pre-sale to post-sale, and then rehash the leads that don’t buy. Hatch is a proud ServiceMonster integration partner.

The Seal of Security and Confidence helps you compete on something other than price by differentiating your company and employees in a way that is both meaningful and verifiable to your clients. When people cannot differentiate your products, services, process or people from your competition, do not be surprised when price becomes the dominant decision criteria. When you differentiate successfully, price becomes less important or even irrelevant if you do it right.

The greatest selling tool for home service companies. ResponsiBid makes it simple to quote quickly, follow-up flawlessly, and schedule smartly when combined with your CRM. ResponsiBid allows your website to give accurate quotes, for customers to intelligently schedule themselves, and so much more. It’s the sales system you’ve always wanted, so that you’ll stop losing perfectly good customers!

The easiest way to grow your business! NiceJob is a fully-automated reputation marketing platform designed to help you get2x more reviews, convert website traffic to leads and watch the sales roll in. It’s the easiest way to get more reviews, referrals and sales on sites like Google, Facebook, and more. Our Convert websites come with a conversion-rate guarantee of 10% better than your last website, or it's free until it does!

SMCS Exclusive Offer: 30% off the first 3 months for new plans. $50 off for current users.

Register for the Symposium here:

What your ticket includes:
- Full access to all keynotes, lectures, panels, and coaching groups
- Three days of business-strengthening discussions and learning opportunities
- After-hours virtual hang outs with other business owners
- Discounts & deals from ServiceMonster and many other exhibitors

Interested in being an exhibitor?

We've opened up access for exhibitors to participate in this year's Symposium. The benefits of being an exhibitor are huge and the cost is low! To learn more, check out the page linked below.