Tips N Chat Throwback #9: "KASH"

This week’s featured Tips N Chat Throwback post comes from a column called "The Pied Piper", written by Ed York about the importance of hard work, and an interesting acronym called "KASH". It was featured in the Second Quarter 1976 issue of Tips N Chat, the “magazine published for the benefit and enjoyment of on-location carpet cleaners”. Remember to check back every Thursday for a new throwback post!

To the best of my knowledge there are only three ways to obtain money, and that is: inherit it, steal it, and work for it. Most of us will never have a chance to inherit it, and if we could steal it, we wouldn't, so that leaves only one option -- WORK for it.

Unfortunately, for the carpet cleaning industry, most of the participants entered the field under a misimpression. They were told they could make a lot of money without working as hard as when they were just employees. Guess that makes us carpet cleaners just about the most gullible bunch of yokels in the country, cause we sure fell for it.

In the past we were able to get away with sliding by. No one really expected a carpet cleaner to make much money or be able to join the country club anyway. Now along come some real energetic souls who are not hamstrung by tradition, and they are re-writing the business. They are making PROFIT while racking up solid customers. They plan on a real future. No, it's not easy. They are WORKING.

Most carpet cleaning firm owners have the mistaken idea that they must sweat to work. Pathetically, many firms are held back because the owner, in trying to be a good guy and do what's right with his business and family, works the jobs. They are trying to save the price of labor. For the most part, however, the reason why the majority of owners who work their own jobs do it, is that they are not willing to extend the effort needed to assure success. It's easier to pull the tool and wait for the phone to ring.

Managing an on-location carpet cleaning firm requires a lot more work than pulling a tool or man-handling a scrubber. Every unit should have at least SEVEN employees to insure its potential. Ask any owner who doesn't have this many "why?", and he will admit it takes too much energy to keep 7 people busy. It's EASIER to let the prospect call and cop out for a cheaper price over the phone, and then go out and do the job for wages.

An old time Insurance Agent told me back in the post "big war" days, that every person was working for an item called KASH. Was a wise old man, even if he couldn't spell. Anyway, he said to have lots of KASH, it required 4 ingredients in the proper proportions. Said it was all in the word KASH... K equaled 5% KNOWLEDGE, A was for 5% ABILITY, S included 5% SALESMANSHIP, and the balance or 85% stood for HARD WORK.

The important point is, make sure the work you're doing is necessary work... necessary work to insure a profit. The owner's job is not doing the job, but coordinating the skills of the employees to keep the firms equipment WORKING. Any time your carpet cleaning unit is off-duty more than it is employed, it means the BOSS isn't working. How about you, Mr. Employer, did you really work last week?

~ Ed York (1976)

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