The Integration Between Quickbooks and ServiceMonster

Powerful Bookkeeping Automation

The accounting side of running a business is usually NOT the most enjoyable thing for service business owners. In fact, many hold off on getting their bookkeeping systems in place until it's almost too late and the process becomes much more difficult.

For ServiceMonster users, our integration for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online makes accounting and bookkeeping a breeze.

Desktop Integration Features:

Communicates directly with ServiceMonster to export your invoices and payments into QuickBooks. You can export customers for exported ServiceMonster invoices and payments into QuickBooks, apply exported payments to the exported invoices, export products & services used on the exported invoices, and export Sale Tax items used on the exported invoices into QuickBooks.

Online Integration Features:

Communicates from ServiceMonster to export invoices and payments to QuickBooks Online, allowing you to choose to export all eligible invoices and payments or select the ones you wish to export based on certain criteria (batches). This gives you a way to export only paid invoices, and applies exported payments to the exported invoices within QuickBooks Online.

How to Integrate ServiceMonster and QuickBooks:

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