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"ServiceMonster has been right by my side for I believe almost 20 years now. It's all we use for scheduling, accounts receivable, and reminders. The list goes on and on."
Keith K


Set your prices, get paid, and grow your business.

Top Feature


ServiceMonster makes invoicing easy - print invoices or take payments with an app

Build consistent streams of revenue. Manage contracts, automate billing, and set up recurring appointments for positive, predictable cash flow.

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ServiceMonster makes invoicing easy - print invoices or take payments with an app


Manage operations from anywhere. Get all the info you need to run at peak efficiency.

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Advanced Schedule

Scheduling app for Service professionals from ServiceMonster

Keep things running smoothly with location-based color coding, appointment types, wait lists, and easy drag and drop features to be responsive and ready.

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Scheduling app for Service professionals from ServiceMonster


Build trust with customers and grow your business with easy sales and marketing automation tools.


Personalize communications to create great customer experiences. Automate workflows to save time.


One simple, yet very powerful platform.


Automate and streamline billing and estimates.


Manage operations from anywhere and keep things running smoothly.


Land more bids and easily market your business.


Create authentic customer experiences that still save time.

Frequently asked questions.

Does ServiceMonster work on mobile devices?

Yes! The ServiceMonster app works on both Android and iOS Apple devices so you can manage your business from anywhere and have full functionality for every member of the team. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Does ServiceMonster integrate with other apps?

Yes! ServiceMonster integrates with many other apps which you can find in our Marketplace. Here you'll find a list of the powerful integrations along with any corresponding support articles to get you set up and started.

How long does it take to learn ServiceMonster software?

A lot can vary depending on you business needs and how familiar you are with other softwares and CRMs, but ServiceMonster is generally designed to be user-friendly. Thanks to an intuitive interface, a help site full of online resources, and a knowledgeable team of support experts on call, many of our customers find it relatively quick and straightforward to learn and implement into their daily business routines.

How does ServiceMonster handle data security and privacy?

ServiceMonster takes data privacy and security seriously, employing industry-standard encryption protocols and robust security measures to safeguard customer and business data. They also adhere to relevant compliance standards and regulations to ensure data protection.pricing table to compare all the features included with each plan.

Do you have any real-world use cases or success stories?

ServiceMonster takes pride in the continued support that we offer to our users of any plan. If you ever have any questions or are having issues, we've got a local, in-house support team waiting to help you out. You can always feel free to give us a call us at (888) 901-3300 or email us at

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