Customer Communication

Tailor messages and stay on top of client communication with the right tools. Keep customers informed with timely and accurate information before and after any service deliveries.

Create automated client reminders in ServiceMonster
Customer Reminders & Notifications

Automate Messages

Advanced Personalization

Use 70 unique merge fields to reference account info, order history, and tailor each message to a client.

Take control of your communication pipeline.


Communicate Automatically

Create automated client reminders too target the right clients and wow customers with responsive messaging.

Save time and grow repeat business.

Keep Accurate Client Records

Understand Your Customers Better

View detailed client contact information with order history, site notes, and more so all your client records are accurate. Have all the details to know exactly what each job needs, and go above and beyond with personalized service and communication.

View detailed client contact information with order history, site notes, and more

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Frequently asked questions.

How does the free trial work?

You can give ServiceMonster a try and get access to all features free for 14 days. There's no credit card required and you can cancel anytime. If you wish to cancel, just let us know before the end of your trial period. You'll only get billed after the trial period has ended.

Once your trial is over, you can choose a subscription level and choose a payment method. You'll be billed for the plan and payment will automatically be debited according to the schedule of payments you've chosen (monthly or annually).  

Does ServiceMonster work on mobile devices?

Yes! The ServiceMonster app works on both Android and iOS Apple devices so you can manage your business from anywhere. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Which plan fits my business?

Whether you're a single owner operation or have multiple techs and trucks to dispatch, ServiceMonster has 3 different plans to fit your industry needs and operations. Check out our pricing table to compare all the features included with each plan.

Do you offer support?

ServiceMonster takes pride in the continued support that we offer to our users of any plan. If you ever have any questions or are having issues, we've got a local, in-house support team waiting to help you out. You can always feel free to give us a call us at (888) 901-3300 or email us at

Do you partner with franchises?

Yes! ServiceMonster helps franchises with multiple locations and of all sizes. We can tailor a custom software solution that fits your franchise's needs along with offering dedicated support. For more info, feel free to reach out to us at

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