Keep things running smoothly with location-based color coding, appointment types, wait lists, and easy drag and drop features to be responsive and ready.

Unified and professional scheduling for your service business with ServiceMonster

Capable Scheduling

Unified Calendar

Schedule work for multiple routes in one place. Drag jobs between routes to balance your workload.

Online Booking

Enable self-service scheduling and let customers see your availability with bi-directional online booking.

Multi-Day and Recurring Jobs

Schedule large jobs across multiple days and automatically create multiple jobs for recurring work.

Intuitive Interface

Drag and Drop

Drag a job to instantly reschedule and resolve conflicting appointments with stacking conflicts. 

Easy to Read

See important information at a glance and customize your view to see necessary details.


Add Work Fast

Click on an open time slot to quickly schedule appointments or activities with the quick add feature.

Reschedule appointments with a simple drag-and-drop

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Use the sidebar to create an appointment waitlist or hold work on deck

Always Organized

Flexible Sidebar

Drag appointments off the schedule to hold them on deck. Manage last-minute bookings with the waitlist.

Color Coded Locations

Simplify dispatching and locate jobs with easy color coding based on the work site location. 

Block Off Time

Use activities to block off time, create recurring meetings, and schedule reminders, or customize them to meet your needs.

Customized to You

Choose Your View

Stay on top of upcoming work and make the calendar your own with custom views. 

Set Restrictions

Show each employee their upcoming work and control access with user roles. 

Calendar Sync

Set up one-way or two-way sync with Google Calendar and convert calendar events into jobs.

Customize your schedule in ServiceMonster to see your scheduled jobs on a map

Frequently asked questions.

Can I set up recurring or repeat appointments within ServiceMonster?

Yes, you can easily make recurring jobs from an existing order or from scratch. To learn more about how to do it within ServiceMonster, visit our Help Site.

Can I sync my schedule with Google Calendar?

Yes, ServiceMonster and Google Calendar can be connected with a one-way or two-way sync to let you convert Google Calendar events to appointments in ServiceMonster. This easy Google Calendar integration will open the door to many other features as well, like being able to adjust the duration and time of your appointments and more. To learn more, visit our Help Site.

I want to give ServiceMonster a try. How does the free trial work?

You can give ServiceMonster a try and get access to all features free for 14 days. There's no credit card required and you can cancel anytime. If you wish to cancel, just let us know before the end of your trial period. You'll only get billed after the trial period has ended.

Once your trial is over, you can choose a subscription level and choose a payment method. You'll be billed for the plan and payment will automatically be debited according to the schedule of payments you've chosen (monthly or annually).  

Does ServiceMonster work on mobile devices?

Yes! The ServiceMonster app works on both Android and iOS Apple devices. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Which plan fits my business? Can I change plans?

Whether you're a single owner operation or have multiple techs and trucks to dispatch, ServiceMonster has 3 different plans to fit your industry needs and operations. Check out our pricing table to compare all the features included with each plan.

You can change plans or upgrade at any time. Plan changes will take effect at the end of your billing cycle (monthly or annual, depending on the schedule you choose). To change plans, send us an email or give our support team a call.

Do you partner with franchises?

Yes! ServiceMonster helps franchises with multiple locations and of all sizes. We can tailor a custom software solution that fits your franchise's needs along with offering dedicated support. To learn more, contact

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ServiceMonster's schedule view showing a week of appointments for three different routes