Plan Ahead

Visualize Availability

Quickly assess your workload with the Monthly Planner’s intuitive interface, where each day has a visual indicator of availability. Instantly recognize busy days and identify open time to schedule additional work with a concise view of your month.

Predict Profits 

See every day’s total revenue to better understand your profitability in the weeks and months ahead. Insight into daily revenue is an invaluable tool to forecast future performance, and when combined with a clear indication of your availability, enables you to plan for profits. 

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Work Seamlessly

Fully Integrated

The Monthly Planner encapsulates data from across ServiceMonster to provide a unified view of your business. See appointment details directly from the Monthly Planner and streamline your workflow by minimizing the need to switch between views.

Always Updated

Your schedule is synchronized across the ServiceMonster ecosystem, allowing you to see changes, delays, and opportunities immediately. In the field, your technicians have access to real-time scheduling, allowing your business to move with agility.

Prepare Effectively

Allocate Resources

Utilize filters in the Monthly Planner to see work for just one, or multiple routes and choose which resources are displayed. Availability updates based on your filters, facilitating better organization and targeted resource management.

Dispatch Routes

Open up the map view to see your stops for the selected day. Trying to schedule work in an unusual location? Quickly check available days and find the best route for each job. Schedule conflicts are outlined in red to easily identify when too much work has been assigned.

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ServiceMonster's schedule view showing a week of appointments for three different routes