The Websites of ServiceMonster

ServiceMonster has made a lot of websites in our 20 years of business. See the highlights in this two-decade timeline!

Asher Suloway-Baker
August 1, 2023
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A graphic showing three websites from ServiceMonster's history

2003: Our First Website

When our first website was published in 2003 high-speed internet was still in its infancy, but as it began to proliferate across the country developers and entrepreneurs alike raced to find new ways of using the extra bandwidth. 

One fateful night in the spring of 2003 ServiceMonster’s CEO and chief architect, Joe Kowlaski, wrote out the first business plan and bought the domain for, the company that would eventually become ServiceMonster. The very first website for Principal Focus was published before the year was through. Our mission was clear from the start: We are not building a business, we are building a better way to do business.

The original landing page for ServiceMonster in 2003. View on web archive

2005: Feature Focused

By 2005 the Principal Focus website had been rebuilt three times to focus on the features of Service Center Business, the software that laid the foundation for ServiceMonster. Many of these early features remain at the center of our software today, including marketing, scheduling, customer management, and more!

 The 2005 redesign of the ServiceMonster website. View on web archive

2008: Meet ServiceMonster

In 2008 Service Center Business was retired in favor of a new name: ServiceMonster. With a new name came new industries, and this site is one of the first to display the wide variety of industries that could use the software. At the time, ServiceMonster was our most capable offering ever, and leveraged 5 years of development to double down on marketing features. Our pitch had also evolved, with this site reading: Your Business. Only Better. 

The first website to feature the name ServiceMonster. View on web archive

2011: Going Mobile

ServiceMonster was the very first software of its kind to run on mobile in 2009, with a web application designed for Blackberry. However the mobile landscape would change forever only a year later, when the first iPad was announced. The ServiceMonster team committed to building an app for the new device, and we launched ServiceMonster Mobile 2.0 in 2011 to make our software accessible on tablets and smartphones of all kinds. 

A website from 2011 featuring information on ServiceMonster mobile. View on web archive 

2014: Back to Basics

In August of 2013, we published the ServiceMonster 5.0 update and refocused our efforts on small businesses.  After ten years of development, ServiceMonster had become a behemoth of a software capable of managing multinational enterprises with hundreds of locations, but as a result it had become difficult to use for smaller businesses that didn’t need the added complexity. 

Throughout 2014, our team focused on cleaning up the software to fit the needs of owner-operators and large businesses alike. The same year, we debuted a new website that reflected a reorientation towards simplicity and ease of use. 

The ServiceMonster website in 2014 after a simplified redesign. View on web archive

2017: ServiceMonster Six

Unlike previous versions of ServiceMonster, Six was built entirely from scratch. It was the culmination of a three year long project to develop proprietary future-proof technology, and built on fifteen years of experience to produce the largest leap forward in our technology yet. It introduced a simple new interface, along with streamlined features and automation. Our website was also remade to focus on the new marketing automation tools in Six. 

After the release of ServiceMonster Six the site was updated to focus on marketing features. View on web archive

2020: Rebranding

Twelve years after introducing the monster mascot, ServiceMonster rebranded to a modern blue and white logo. The new branding accompanied the launch of ServiceMonster 6.5, which focused on an overhaul of the in-app interface. This site was redesigned again in 2021 with a light color scheme, and has been the online destination to learn about ServiceMonster for over three years.

The first site to feature our current logo, published in 2020. View on web archive 

2023: Twenty Years Later

Our new website is a complete reimagining of what our brochure site can be. It includes a new directory to learn about our integrations, new pages to illustrate features, and improvements to usability across the site. Dark blue accents harken back to the first Principal Focus website, and the slogan on our homepage reinforces a mission that we have pursued for twenty years: building a better way for you to do business. 

Our newest website, launched in 2023.

Asher Suloway-Baker
August 1, 2023
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