Throwback: "Web Technology Closes in on Desktop Performance"

In this post from 2006 ServiceMonster's CEO, Joe Kowalski, makes prediction about the future of cloud based software.

Joe Kowalski
April 19, 2006
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Original Post: April 19, 2006

In this post our CEO, Joe Kowalski, makes a prediction about cloud based software. In his view, the cloud was more cost effective and offered more performance than desktop software - a bold claim considering that only 42% of adults had broadband in 2006.

After 17 years, do you think he was right?

Web Technology Closes in on Desktop Performance

There are many benefits to web based applications. No software to install, access from any computer that has an internet connection, no servers, networks or backups to worry about, and you don’t need to have a very fast computer. In terms of cost, web based applications are much less expensive compared with their desktop counterparts and can actually provide more functionality, quicker release cycles, and less risk of losing your data.

Take this example:

Company ‘A’ purchases a desktop application and they need to have several users accessing the system, all on different computers. After their initial purchase (about $2500.00) they also need to purchase a server (another $2000.00), build a computer network, and installing the application on all of their machines ($3000.00 for time and materials). Total cost to set up, $7500.00. The company they purchased the application from charges for support at a rate of 1.67 per min, and any data transfer into the new system. The desktop company also charges for any upgrades they release yearly, but gives a 30% discount on future purchases. If you are not up to date with their latest software release, they might even refuse to support you. You are responsible for you own backups and security. If your server crashes, or you get a virus, and you have backed up daily, you may only loose a few days of work.

Company ‘B’ purchases ServiceMonster, a comparable web based application. They also need several users to access the system. ServiceMonster is sold as a subscription at $70.00 a month for a 2-4 truck operation. There are no long term contracts. ServiceMonster subscribers get free support, free training, free technical support, and free upgrades. Any computers which have an internet connection can use the system. Their backups are done form them, and their data is safe and secure.

Many companies, just like yours have recognized not only the cost savings, but the superior support, and the many great features that ServiceMonster has to offer. Those who are trying to resist the drastic differences between desktop purchases and a ServiceMonster subscription will focus on two main points. The first of which is a political favorite, use your opponent’s strengths against them. ServiceMonster releases an update about every 6 weeks. Desktop companies will suggest that a company such as Principal Focus is releasing frequently due to a poor product. In reality, this update is based of off user feedback and a desire to continually provide the best service possible. Desktop companies are limited to a much, much longer release cycle (about once a year), and for users to take advantage of the new version they must purchase, and install the software. The other point desktop companies like to focus on is based on performance.

In the past, users of web based applications would have to adjust to the performance differences between desktop solutions and web based technology, desktop applications where just plain faster. The performance difference, however, is becoming less of an issue. Principal Focus is now using technology which significantly reduces the time it takes to perform tasks in ServiceMonster, making it much more comparable to desktop systems. Over the next few releases, ServiceMonster will be using more of this technology. The 2.4 release (3/13/2006) addressed some key areas of the application, such as Work Order creation. To see these changes in action, please feel free to view our demo and create an order for yourself.

Principal Focus is dedicated on providing the best solution for your business. We are focused on business relationships, not software sales. We will even help you identify your software needs, assisting you in the process of making an informed decision, even if it means purchasing another product.

Just another way ServiceMonster can help you increase leads, convert more leads to sales and improve the cost effectiveness of your business.

Joe Kowalski
April 19, 2006
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