Price Lists

Create and update your price list with comprehensive management tools in ServiceMonster. Centrally search prices, maintain profitability, and ensure accurate pricing, every time.

Use ServiceMonster to create and manage your price list

Manage Pricing

Efficient Reporting

Group your services to gain access to easy to read reports and KPIs that track where your revenue comes from.

Completely Customizable

Use custom units to fine-tune your pricing. Bill by square footage, or charge for consumables by the gallon. The price list is yours to customize.

Line Items and More

Use your price list to separate commercial and residential services, estimate time, and operate efficiently. The opportunities are endless.

Integrated Lookup

Find Products and Services

Lookup prices with a comprehensive search, and add shortened item codes to find specific prices easily.

Set Favorites

Add products and services to your favorites to save time and eliminate the need to search your price list.

Add Packages

Create a package to bundle products and services and add all of them to an order at the same time.

Search the price list while creating an order

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Batch updates make it easy to ensure your prices are accurate

Price Accurately

Bulk Updates

Use the batch update tool to update multiple items quickly. Easily adjust prices with percentage-based adjustments and rounding options.

Precise Management

Ensure accuracy by locking items on the price list. Prevent discrepancies by setting the default quantity, price, and description.

Allocate Time

Improve resource allocation and help employees make accurate time estimates with the "Avg Time" field. 

Upsell Effectively

Track Upsale Services

Ensure that upsells are tracked accurately by automatically marking them in the line item defaults.

Pay Commissions

Enable commissions at either a base or upsell level for services on your price list to reward your employees for up-selling customers.

Promotions and Discounts

Offer discounts in marketing campaigns by connecting packages to promotions, or easily discount line items and orders on a case-by-case basis.

Enable upsale and commission tracking from the ServiceMonster price list

Frequently asked questions.

Can I customize my price lists for different clients and contracts?

Yes! ServiceMonster lets you set up multiple price lists with customized pricing. You can customize according to customer segment or service contract to help you tailor yournofferings to specific clients.

Can I make bulk price updates to my price lists?

Yes, ServiceMonster has a Batch Update feature, which makes it possible to do a bulk update of multiple items to save you time.

How will price lists help with employee sales and commissions?

Having prefilled price lists and packages takes the stress out of the sales process for both the techs out in the field and for your accounting team. Creating and using prefilled price lists and packages inside ServiceMonster makes it easier for your techs out in the field to show your clients a list of available services you have have to offer, thereby taking pressure off of them to upsell. Having prices already preset also helps eliminate any possible headaches with errors or misquoted pricing for services.

Will my price lists be integrated with my accounting and invoicing?

Yes. ServiceMonster has various seamless integrations with multiple accounting softwares to ensure that the prices you set within ServiceMonster are accurately reflected in customer invoices and finanial records.

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