Feature Highlight:

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns simplify communication with customers by automating follow up emails. Use drip campaigns to send reminders after an appointment, send a thank you after a job, or build a rapport with leads.

Using Drip Campaigns

Using drip campaigns is an easy way to automate customer follow-up. They can be used to thank current customers, remind frequent clients, or even to market to leads who you’ve never invoiced. With a feature-rich campaign builder and the ability to automatically send emails to any profile in your ServiceMonster database, drip campaigns are an incredibly powerful tool. 

Building a drip campaign can be understood in three simple pieces; who, when, and what. With these three variables, you are defining the audience, when they will be contacted, and what scheduled action you want the campaign to perform. For example, you could create a simple drip campaign that contacts your customers one week after an appointment via email. The drip campaign editor is incredibly robust and can accommodate campaigns with significantly more parameters than this example, allowing you to produce highly targeted and successful marketing efforts. 

A more advanced campaign could include multiple follow-up emails or phone calls after a referral, a seasonal coupon code or voucher sent to your most valued customers, or a series of messages detailing your full range of services to a customer you just worked with. These campaigns take the headache out of personalized communication with your customers by allowing you to dictate precisely the conditions under which an email is sent. 

While one of the more complex features in ServiceMonster, the campaign builder makes it easy to visualize the flow of each campaign, and the ServiceMonster help site has many resources to help you understand and master drip campaigns. Once you become familiar with building and editing drip campaigns, you will start to see opportunities to use them everywhere!