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QuickBooks Integration

The accounting side of running a business is usually NOT the most enjoyable thing for service business owners. In fact, many hold off on getting their bookkeeping systems in place until it's almost too late and the process becomes much more difficult. So... DON'T WAIT! For ServiceMonster users, our integration with QuickBooks makes accounting and bookkeeping a breeze.

Bookkeeping with ServiceMonster & QuickBooks

Bookkeeping: The word that makes many business owners run in terror! Honestly, it makes sense. Bookkeeping can be time-consuming, stressful, and extremely boring (to those of you who love it... much respect). While seeking outside help from an actual bookkeeper is a great way to go, it's not the most practical solution for many small businesses.

Enter QuickBooks. Most business owners know what QuickBooks is, so if you want more in-depth information on how QuickBooks helps your business, click here. Essentially, QuickBooks is an accounting software platform that helps you with bookkeeping, expense tracking, and even payroll, among many other things. Combine that with a powerful CRM that handles all of your customer info, scheduling, and order management (like ServiceMonster), and you're set!

Fortunately, the ServiceMonster + QuickBooks integration is absolutely stellar. If you're a brand new ServiceMonster user, then our QuickBooks import allows you to bring over all of your QuickBooks data, such as client list, price list, products & services, invoice & payment history, employees, tax setup, and even more! Likewise, all of your ServiceMonster data (including invoices, payments, etc.) can be automatically synced with your QuickBooks account.

So... why does this matter? Because honestly, it saves you time. A TON of time. By drastically cutting down your time on manual data entry, and no more scrambling during tax season, integrating QuickBooks with your ServiceMonster account is really a no-brainer. We cannot recommend it enough!

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