New FillMySchedule Card Series: The Mark Henry Collection

That's right, we have FOUR NEW FillMySchedule cards available now! The Mark Henry Collection was designed in-house with a unique illustrative style that will be effective for any industry. We're always striving to improve what we offer our clients, and increasing the FMS card options is a big part of that. Be on the lookout for many more new designs in 2019, as well as the implementation of custom fronts (this is an exciting one!).

The Mark Henry Collection offers a "Thank You" card, a "We Miss You" card, a "Friendly Reminder" card, and a "We're Here to Help" card. Adding these to your FMS order is super easy. Either click here to place a new order, or contact us by phone or email to change around your campaigns. As always, we're here to help you every step of the way and we hope you enjoy these new card options!

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