UPDATE: What's New in ServiceMonster 6.5

Michael M.
March 26, 2020
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ServiceMonster 6.5 is here! Every time we release a product update, it's important that our users (and anyone else who is curious) know what exactly has changed. In release 6.5, there's quite a lot to go over... but we're going to tackle the biggest and best improvements in this post. Let's get started!

New Themes & Updated Visuals

Perhaps the most noticeable changes with 6.5 are the multitude of visual improvements. We are so excited to introduce dark mode and light mode, as well as a redesigned and modernized classic view! This is the first step of many in a continued effort to make ServiceMonster not only the most powerful software of its kind, but also the best looking. This update includes other various visual improvements all across the software, some of which we will cover below.

The redesigned classic view (above)
The all-new light theme (above)
The all-new dark theme (above)

New Home Page View

We've completely redesigned the home page. Now, see your most important company data, stay up-to-date on the latest ServiceMonster news, and view each training course all from one page.

The new home page has 6 or 8 tiles visible, depending on your screen size

"Job" is Now "Appointment"

It often has been difficult for us to convey the difference between a job and an order. An order within ServiceMonster is WHAT is being done, whereas a job was simply the time blocked on the schedule for each trip to complete that order. To help illustrate the difference, think about a situation where you are cleaning a rug in your own shop rather than in the home. You could have a scheduled event to pick up the rug, time dedicated to cleaning the rug marked on the schedule, and another scheduled event to drop off the rug. One order, three different events.  

Moving forward we will now be calling these scheduled events "appointment" rather than "job." To alleviate any confusion, we are changing the term “job” throughout the software to be “appointment” (or “appt” if an abbreviation is necessary).

New Dashboards

The home page has multiple new dashboards to give you quicker access to your data. We’ve also added new dashboards on the Leads, Accounts, Orders, Scheduling, and Marketing sections to give you easily digestible & targeted data based on each specific area.

An example of the new dashboards found on the Accounts page (above)

An example of the new dashboards found on the Orders page (above)

Navigation Menu Overhaul

The navigation menu has had a massive makeover! The collapsed view gives the menu hover functionality so that you can instantly access any section of the software in one click. The expanded view gives you easier to read menu titles as well as more detailed expandable sub-menus.

This image shows the expanded navigation menu mode (above)

This image shows the collapsed navigation menu mode with hoverable sub-menus (above)

In-App Training

We know that there's a lot to learn within ServiceMonster. To aid with that learning process, we are now offering in-app training lessons that will slowly walk through the various sections of the software. These 1-to-2 minute long lessons are then grouped into larger courses so that you can track your progress and continue your ServiceMonster education.

Additionally, there will be a full course dedicated to all of the 6.5 changes. Plus, every new release moving forward will also have dedicated training materials so that you can take advantage of the new features right away!

In-app training will be accessible from the user dropdown (pictured above), as well as in the home page "Training" panel and in the "Home" submenu in the main navigation menu

The Training panel on the home page gives you a visual indicator of your progress (pictured above)

The actual lessons page is where you can find all of the courses and lessons that we offer (pictured above)

Updated Grids

Grids have had a makeover, with some new default views and a new “advanced options” toggle.  Now you can customize each grid via the advanced options and those changes will “stick.” Or, simply just enjoy a cleaner default view! The choice is all yours.

Marketing Wizard

The all-new Marketing Wizard is here to make building campaigns much, much simpler! Create an email, letter, call, or export list quickly with built-in campaigns and a step-by-step walkthrough of the campaign process. Those of you that have more advanced chops can still create any campaign from scratch.

Drip campaigns will be added to the marketing wizard in the future as well!

The beginning of the Marketing Wizard (above)

Order Screen Improvements

We’ve beefed up the bulk add items process and made it the primary way to add your products and services to an order. Those of you that prefer to add items one at a time on the primary order screen can still do so.

More order updates coming soon!

The new Bulk Add Line Items screen (above)

New Account

Quickly adding an account is easier than ever. Use the "+ Account" button to open a modified version of the Quick Add to enter in all basic account information and scan your account list for potential duplicates. Keep your data clean!

The new account screen (above)

... And So Much More!

This release is packed full of many other improvements, fixes, and new features. Like we've been saying, it's seriously massive! Please contact us if you have any questions or need help understanding a new feature or change that you're seeing. Be on the lookout for full release notes soon!

Also, don't forget:

The 6.5 Release Live Webinar

Join us Thursday, March 26th at 5:00 pm PST for a live webinar showcasing all of the new features and improvements in 6.5! A recording will be available sometime following the webinar. Make sure to register here.

Michael M.
March 26, 2020
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