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Manage your HVAC business from anywhere with one simple software. Operate at peak efficiency, provide better customer service, and generate more revenue.

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Optimize Routes

Optimize efficiency by effectively routing the day's work. ServiceMonster's routing tools help you dispatch and assign techs according to location to make routing jobs easy.

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Attract more customers with just a few taps of a button. Create automated email and direct mail campaigns specifically suited to your industry.

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Manage Teams

Manage teams from anywhere. Use time tracking and GPS locations to stay informed. Cloud hosting provides realtime updates to ensure crews have the details they need to do the job right.

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Easier Upsells

Streamline the sales process and insure quotes are always accurate and clear. Reward techs for sales in the field while making the process easy and stress free.

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Manage dispatch for HVAC companies in ServiceMonster
Routing & Dispatch

Dispatch Tools

Optimize efficiency by effectively routing the day's work and dispatch the right team for the job. Appointment color coding lets you optimize routes visually. Assign techs and use route-based scheduling to deploy teams at scale.

Estimating & Bidding

Professional & Accurate Quotes

Create price lists and packages to make quick estimates stress-free on location. Automatically send digital estimates for seamless approvals.

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Orders & Accounts

Advanced Records

Easily and efficiently manage customer accounts and get complete work histories to help you complete the job. Save time with automated invoices, payment status tracking, and customer record updates to ensure current information - even when details change.

Client Communication

Powerful Automation

Enhance customer communication and impress consistently with ServiceMonster's automated communication tools. Avoid no-shows, send reminders, and follow up efficiently for repeat business

Frequently asked questions

How does the free trial work?

You can give ServiceMonster a try and get access to all features free for 14 days. There's no credit card required and you can cancel anytime. If you wish to cancel, just let us know before the end of your trial period. You'll only get billed after the trial period has ended.

Once your trial is over, you can choose a subscription level and choose a payment method. You'll be billed for the plan and payment will automatically be debited according to the schedule of payments you've chosen (monthly or annually).  

Does ServiceMonster work on mobile devices?

Yes! The ServiceMonster app works on both Android and iOS Apple devices so you can manage your business from anywhere. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Does ServiceMonster integrate with other apps?

Yes! ServiceMonster integrates with many other apps which you can find in our Marketplace. Here you'll find a list of the powerful integrations along with any corresponding support articles to get you set up and started.

Which plan fits my business?

Whether you're a single owner operation or have multiple techs and trucks to dispatch, ServiceMonster has 3 different plans to fit your industry needs and operations. Check out our pricing table to compare all the features included with each plan.

Do you partner with franchises?

Yes! ServiceMonster helps franchises with multiple locations and of all sizes. We can tailor a custom software solution that fits your franchise's needs along with offering dedicated support. For more info, feel free to reach out to us at sales@servicemonster.net.

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