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Software for SoftWash: Dynamic scheduling, estimates, and inventory tracking for easy management of day-to-day operations. Hardworking software to support your team rain or shine, so you can prosper every day.

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ProShine SoftWash

Powerful tools for SoftWash.

Manage Teams

Manage teams from anywhere. Use time tracking and GPS locations to stay informed. Cloud hosting provides realtime updates to ensure crews have the details they need to do the job right.

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Better Calendar

Keep things running smoothly with location-based color coding, appointment types, wait lists, and easy drag and drop features to be responsive and ready.

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Business Vitals

Know what's bringing in your biggest revenues and what isn't. Easy to digest reports will help you track performance and understand exactly what makes your business tick.

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Attract more customers with just a few taps of a button. Create automated email and direct mail campaigns specifically suited to your industry.

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A mobile app for softwash teams keeps everyone in sync
Motivate & Retain Top Performers

Strengthen Teams

Assign routes, track job progress in real-time, and ensure a consistently high standard of work with before & after photos. Motivate team members with commissions, and keep them informed with a mobile app. Build a winning SoftWash team from within.

Flexible & Reliable Scheduling

Find More Time

Don't let rain or last-minute changes disrupt your business. Optimize routes and adjust on the fly to stay ahead of schedule. Manage last-minute service requests, keep your customers happy, and find flexibility when you need it most.

Flexible scheduling to help softwash companies overcome weather delays and increase uptime

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Marketing campaigns for softwash businesses to find customers and grow
Educate & Retain Customers

Stand Out

Educate customers about Soft washing's eco-friendly edge, differentiate your business from the competition, and increase repeat business with retention-focused marketing. Track the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing campaigns to optimize your marketing spend.

Monitor & Analyze Operations

Stay Informed

Track key metrics to monitor revenue, team performance, and inventory levels. Create reports to identify growth opportunities and make data-driven decisions an integral part of your SoftWash business. See critical metrics immediately with dashboards, and watch your business grow on the go in the ServiceMonster mobile app.

Advanced reporting, exports, and inventory tracking for Softwash businesses

Frequently asked questions

My team struggles with keeping track of cleaning chemicals and equipment parts. Can ServiceMonster help?

ServiceMonster can help your team manage inventory easily. You can track how much of each chemical and part you have in stock and set custom units for each inventory item. For example, you can track in gallons, number of parts, or any other unit you need. ServiceMonster can also send automatic alerts if you’re running low on inventory, or even send an email to your supplier when you’re ready to reorder.

Can ServiceMonster help prevent lost business due to rain delays and last-minute cancellations?

Yes! ServiceMonster’s dynamic scheduling allows you to adjust routes in real-time based on weather or cancellations. With ServiceMonster you can drag-and-drop appointments between the schedule and wait-list or keep appointments on-deck while you adjust on the fly. Dynamic scheduling helps SoftWash teams maximize up-time, and better utilization of your team and trucks can lead to a more profitable business.

What about reports? Can I track key metrics for my SoftWash business?

Our custom reporting helps businesses uncover insights and make data-driven decisions with confidence. ServiceMonster can generate reports on jobs, revenue, team performance, and more. If you want to track metrics in real-time, ServiceMonster’s dashboards summarize vital data with clear visuals that can be understood at a glance.

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ServiceMonster's schedule view showing a week of appointments for three different routes