Six Essential Elements of a Cleaning Business Website

Michael M.
August 6, 2020
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Your website is one of your most valuable sales tools. What do most people do when they need to find someone to complete a service for them, such as cleaning? They’ll Google it! Hopefully, you’re ranked high for relevant search terms in your area and it’s easy for potential new customers to land on your website. This is where it becomes essential to have certain elements in place on your website to drive those sales. The information you present needs to be clear and should provide your potential customers with the ability to make an informed decision that ultimately results in them choosing you. With that in mind, here are some must-have website features for your cleaning business:

1. Call To Action

For most cleaning pros, this will likely be a button or a link that takes a customer to a contact form, scheduling screen, or contact number/email. Whatever form this call to action takes, it should direct customers directly to you in as few clicks and steps as possible. Your goal with the call to action is not just getting new customers scheduled, but also gathering potential new customer’s information so you can market to them. A good call to action is clear regarding which action you want the customer to take, such as buttons that say “Contact Us Now” or “Schedule a Cleaning Today”. These call to action elements should be consistent in their design (color, fonts, size, etc.) and placed in key areas of your website (near the top, after any major sections, and definitely at least once on every page).

2. Customer Testimonials

While Google and Facebook do a great job of showing reviews to potential customers, your website should also feature varying customer reviews. By letting your past customers speak to the professionalism and quality of your service, your credibility is strengthened. Testimonials can be featured in multiple areas, such as on various sections of your website between major blocks of content, on a page dedicated to housing all of your reviews, or even through a pop-up widget such as the free Engage tool by NiceJob.

3. About Us/Meet the Team

One website feature that is often overlooked is a page that highlights you and your employees. This is a super simple page since all you really need is a picture of each employee with a short bio about them. That’s it! You can include more, such as a brief overview of your company story, but the key here is to just show potential costumers the faces of who will be doing work for them. Being funny/witty with the employee bios is a great way to stand out to potential customers as well!

4. Service-Specific Landing Pages

This mostly applies to companies that offer more than one service, but it’s a good thing to think about for any business, regardless of your scope of work. Say you’re an exterior cleaner who offers soft washing, window cleaning, and roof/gutter cleaning. In most cases, a potential customer will be searching for one of the services you offer, not just general exterior cleaning. A great way to boost your ranking for your relevant search terms is to have a specific landing page for each service you offer. The end result is that when a potential customer searches “window cleaners in [insert city]” on Google, you have a higher likelihood of showing up for that specific service. While your main page should highlight everything that you do, it will definitely help you to have specific pages that go into more detail on each service you offer.

5. Contact Information

While this may be similar to the call to action element for you, it’s worth revisiting. Having clear and easy-to-find contact information on your website is ESSENTIAL. People need to be able to know how to contact you as soon as they are on your site, and on any page after that. Put your phone number, email, and in some cases your physical address, in the footer of your site, on a “Contact” page, and within any sort of call to action. Many cleaning businesses even put their phone number in the header of their website so it’s clearly visible at all times on any page of your website.

6. Mobile-Friendly

The vast majority of website building is done on a desktop computer. Because of that, it’s easier than you’d think to forget about what your site looks like on a mobile device. A lot of recent data suggests that about half of all internet traffic is from a mobile device. So, it’s safe to assume that about half of your website visitors will be on their phones. This is why it is so, so, so important to have your website optimized for mobile. If you do your web design yourself, make sure the platform you’re using has a good way to design specifically for mobile. If you hire it out, make sure that whoever you hired is spending just as much time on the mobile version of your site as they are on the normal desktop version. 

In Conclusion

Again, your website is one of your most valuable sales tools. Give it the proper time, attention, and money to make sure it stands out from among the competition. Your potential customers will get a good sense of who you are as a business from your website alone, and it’s so important that you leave them with a good impression! We’re confident that if you include these six elements on your website, you will be set for success.

Michael M.
August 6, 2020
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